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Voter Information

Find out how to register and vote in Oklahoma.

Election Information
Click the logo for election information throughout the United States. is a new online Voter Service project. Go to to find information for which positions you are eligible to vote. Enter Oklahoma and your address.

Cleveland County Election Board
641 E. Robinson St., Suite 200
Norman, OK 73071-6656

Oklahoma State Election Board
Room B-6, State Capitol Building
PO Box 53156
Oklahoma City, OK 73152-3156

A list of all county election boards in Oklahoma

How to Register

Go to the Oklahoma State Election Board web page for information on Voter Registration in Oklahoma.

Download a Voter Registration Form.

Use the Voter Registration form to register for the first time in Oklahoma, to change your address within Oklahoma, to change your name, and to change your political affiliation.

Oklahoma Voter Registration Application forms also are available at the County Election Board office located at 641 E. Robinson, Suite 200, Norman, and at all tag agencies, post offices, and public libraries in the county. Applications are also available on the Cleveland County Election Board website:

There is no charge to register to vote.

Voters who have misplaced their Voter Identification Card may contact the Cleveland County Election Board at 366-0210 to have a new Voter ID Card mailed to them. There is no charge for a Voter Identification Card.

State Law requires voters to show `proof of identity' at the polls. Voters may use their Voter Identification Card as proof of identity. Other forms of Identification used to prove identity must be issued by the State of Oklahoma, The Federal Government or a federally recognized Indian Tribe or Nation. Documents, other than a Voter ID card, used for proof of identity must include your name which must match your name on your voter registration record, a photograph of you, and an expiration date that is later than Election Day. Voters over 65 years of age may use their State Identification Card even though it does not have an expiration date.

Where to Vote

If you are currently registered to vote you can find your polling place using the Oklahoma State Election Board online Polling Place Locator. Provide the information requested and click the "Search" button. If your voter registration is in the system the search will bring up your voter ID number. Click on the number. The next page will show your polling place on the left side of the page and your legislative district numbers on the right.

You may also contact the Cleveland County Election Board at 405-366-0210 to find out the location of your polling place and your legislative district numbers.

If voters have any questions, they are encouraged to contact the Cleveland County Election Board Office at 366-0210 or visit

When to Vote

For important election dates consult the Election Calendar.

Absentee In-Person or Early Voting

Eligible Voters who want to vote early are encouraged to utilize In-Person Absentee voting at the County Election Board office, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.,Thursday and Friday before an election. Absentee Voting Board personnel will be on duty each day to assist voters at the Cleveland County Election Board located at 641 E. Robinson, Suite 200, Norman. In-person absentee voters fill out an application form when they arrive, are not required to state a reason for voting in-person absentee, are required to swear that they have not voted a regular mail absentee ballot and that they will not vote at their polling places on Election Day.
The Absentee Voting Board verifies a voter's registration information, checks the voter's identification, and issues the voter's ballot. The voter marks the ballot in a voting booth and then puts them in the voting device very much like voting at a precinct polling place.

For more information, contact the County Election Board office located at 641 E. Robinson, suite 200, Norman, OK 73071. The telephone number is 366-0210. For more information regarding upcoming election activity go to the Cleveland County election board website:

How to Find Contact Information for Your Elected Officials

To find your Federal and State Legislators click here.