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2008 General Election Ballot

Candidates and ballot issues on the 2008 General Election ballot at Norman precincts.

LWV of Oklahoma 2008 Voters' Guide

Abbreviations used for political affiliation of candidates: (D) Democrat, (R) Republican, (I) Independent.

Learn how to find your legislative district numbers here.

Candidates for President and Vice President

Barack Obama/Joseph Biden (D)

John McCain/Sarah Palin (R)

2008 Presidential General Election Voters' Guide published by the League of Women Voters Education Fund

Note: Ralph Nader will not appear on the ballot in Oklahoma as a third-party candidate for President, and write-in votes are prohibited here. Nader will appear on the ballot in 45 states. An additional four states allow write-in votes.

Candidates for U. S. Senate and U. S. House of Representatives

United States Senate
Andrew Rice (D)
Jim Inhofe (R)
Stephen P. Wallace (I)

United States House of Representatives District 4

Blake Cummings (D)
Tom Cole (R)
David E. Joyce (I)

Candidates for State Offices

Corporation Commissioner (full term)
Charles Gray (D)
Jeff Cloud (R)

Corporation Commissioner (short term)

Jim Roth (D)
Dana Murphy (R)

State Senate District 15

Diane M. Drum (D)
Jonathan Nichols (R)

State Senate District 17

Charlie Laster (D)
Donald Rominger, Jr. (R)

State House of Representatives District 44

Bill Nations (D)
Tod J. Barrett (R)

State House of Representatives District 45

Wallace Collins (D)
Aaron Stiles (R)

State House of Representatives District 46

Miranda Norman (D)
Scott Martin (R)

State House of Representatives District 53

Troy Green (D)
Randy Terrill (R)

Candidates for County Offices

Cleveland County Sheriff
Rick Adkins (D)
Joe Lester (R)

All other county offices up for reelection in 2008 either had only one candidate to file or were decided in the Primary and/or Runoff Elections held in July and August.

Retention of Justices and Judges of State Appellate Courts

Voters are asked to approve retention of appellate court justices and judges up for retention in 2008. Voters mark "yes" or "no" on retention. For an explanation of the retention ballot go to Statewide Judicial Retention Ballot.

Oklahoma Supreme Court

John F. Reif, Dist. 1
Tom Colbert, Dist. 6
Joseph M. Watt, Dist. 9

Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals

Charles A. Johnson, Dist. 2
Gary L. Lumpkin, Dist. 3

Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals

Jerry L. Goodman, Dist. 1, Office No. 1
Jane P. Wiseman, Dist. 1, Office No. 2
Keith Rapp, Dist. 2, Office No. 2
John F. Fischer, Dist. 3, Office No. 2

State Questions on the 2008 General Election Ballot

If you are for the proposal vote "YES."
If you are against the proposal vote "NO."

For the full text of the State Questions go to STATE QUESTIONS FOR GENERAL ELECTION.

State Question No. 735 amends the Oklahoma Constitution. The question deals with approval of tax exemptions for certain injured veterans.

State Question No. 741 amends the Oklahoma Constitution. The question is related to exemptions from property taxes and requires a person or business to file an application for an exemption.

State Question No. 742 adds a new section to the Oklahoma Constitution. The question gives all people of the state the right to hunt, trap, fish and take game and fish and allows the Wildlife Conservation Commission to approve methods and procedures.

State Question No. 743 amends the Oklahoma Constitution. The question requires a customer to be twenty-one and physically present to purchase wine at a winery, festival or trade show. The measure also changes the law to allow certain winemakers to sell directly to retail package stores and restaurants.

How to Find Your Congressional and State Legislative District Numbers

All registered voters in Oklahoma vote on the candidates for US Senate.

Cleveland County residents are in Congressional (US House of Representatives) District #4.

There are two ways to find your

  • State Senate district number and
  • State House of Representatives district number

To find your district numbers online go to the Polling Place Locator. Provide the information requested and click the "Search" button. If your voter registration is in the system the search will bring up your voter ID number. Click on the number. The next page will show your polling place on the left side of the page and your district numbers on the right.

Another way to learn your district numbers is to call the Cleveland County Election Board 366-0210.